Here are the steps for simple and elegant Wedding Nails for Brides designs! Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. From her clothes to jewelry to makeup but with this, there is one more new add on that is special nail art.  

Before learning the steps, I would like to tell how was my experience of this nail art. One day I got a random phone call from a girl, she asked me for nail art samples and charges for Wedding Nails Art. 

After getting my first client, I got very happy because it would build my experience. After waiting from so long I got my client and I also gave her the complimentary nail art. So I think it’s quite reasonable for her to like a pretty princess. 

How I Begin With Wedding Nail Art Design

These are the things you should know to do with the Wedding Nails for Brides. 

First, step is to remove the old nail polish and have manicure and pedicure before moving towards nail art pattern. I have collected two shade contrasting nail polish, glitter nail polish, Rhinestone and topcoat nail polish.

Most important is to collect the brushes and nail art tray for dropping nail polish in it.

I know it can be very challenging to make this same nail art design on small nails. My client also got very brittle nails for her I used the nail extensions. 

For fixing the nail extension you got two methods that can be permanent and temporary. Here I have used permanent method! Before moving ahead note that it’s important to shape your extensions according to the nail shape. 

Temporary Fixing: In this, you can use your base coat nail polish. Let’s see how? Apply the nail base polish and then stick the nail extension on it very gently and keep it pressed for 1 to 2 minutes. 

Permanent Fixing: Purchase a glue from the market, Add two drops on each finger nails then fix the nail extension on it. Give a little pressure to avoid air bubbles and leave it for 30 seconds.

To make this stunning design, Firstly apply a base nail color, give it a double coat this will enhance your nail design. You might be thing how these rhinestones are add in a nail design? 

Nothing to worry, here I will help you to know it’s secret!

As we all know rhinestones always glam up the nail designs. This little gem is found in different shapes, sizes and colors, you can choose your favourite. 

For applying rhinestones I have used a tweezer and a temporary glue. Assemble a few stones in a tray, pick one by one with tweezers and add glue to the rhinestone base. Now gently fix it on nails according to your design.

As you can see I have applied golden glitter on golden base nail polish this is because to enhance the base color perfectly. This long nails and wedding nail art design look outstanding with your engagement ring. 

Remember to always add a vow factor on your nails! This is only possible to give a shiny appearance by adding a top coat after completing the Wedding Nails for Brides.

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