A classic red and white valentine nail designs are perfect for 2019. Adding glitter touch up will be more crazy about this nail art. If you have saved the date for this valentine with your special one or even if you decided to stay at home. Nothing would change your day because today I will pamper you with perfect nail design.

For more creative nail design you can decide your theme based design Like today I prefer a DIY mani with some romance and fun. This design inspires you to bring your own thoughts and give vision to your nail design idea.

1. White And Red Valentine Nail Designs

valentine nail designs

Clean your previous nail polish with the remover, to begin off with a new nail art design. You can follow “five on-off” rule that means after removing old nail polish leave your nails naked for 5 days. This rule will prevent your nails from breakage and also getting a yellow stain.  

Now Apply the available nail color as a base coat. Here I have used two main colors red and white for this valentine day. Adding some glitter to your nail art design can enhance your nail beauty.

2. Stripes on Forefinger

For making these stripes you can follow two methods. First is simply apply white nail polish as a base color then add red and black stripes with the help of striper brush. Second is without applying any white nail base simply start making white, black and red stripes in an alternative manner.

3. Fun Zero Cross Game

valentine nail designs

Once you are done with your stripes on forefinger than make the design more attractive by adding Zero Cross game signs. You can see I have made these beautiful signs (XO) in an alternative form and also in a mixed pattern.

4. Add Lips Shape

Here I will let you know how to make lips shape perfectly with a striper brush. Select zero size striper brush and add little red nail polish into nail art tray. Now pick very less amount of nail polish to your brush.

Step one is making wide U shape from the top and down. When you will make wide U from the top don’t join the lines, give deep V shape blunt in between, check the image.  Now fill the empty space with red nail polish. To complete the lip design add a thin white line between the red filled spaced. You can cover the outer space with black polka dots.

5. Top Coat & Simple Base Nail Polish

valentine nail designs

Now you can add a top coat so that your nail art design stay for longer time. For more fun, you have tons of choice to make valentine nail designs interesting. You can add hearts, glitters, red lips, marks, floral design, rose, arrow and many more. Pick up your favourite styles!

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