Everyone enjoy a wonderful winter skin care by setting near roaring fire!

And what if there are too cold outside and low humidity. This means dry air steals all moisture from our skin which leads to cracked skin.  Cold air takes all your native oils from skin, to overcome chapping, redness, itching and dryness take extra care for youthful skin.

Here I am listing a few tips which you can follow to keep skin super healthy in winter.

1. Cleanse Skin Once A Day

It’s very much important to choose suitable skin type cleanser for your skin. Soap-free or mild gentle cleanser if used once a day that moisturises skin. Try not to cleanse your skin with cold water, make sure that water should be lukewarm.

There is always a skin type some have more sensitive skin than others. For them, it’s best to use sponge or cotton wool to cleanse sensitive skin. You can avoid taking an excess of showering because that remove all natural oils from skin and cause irritation.

2. Drink Water for Winter Skin Care

It doesn’t matter you are in home or outside, the dry air in winter dehydrates your skin. Our body water get evaporates very easily when comes in contact with air. Mostly it happens with all we skip taking maximum water intake which imbalance our moisture level in the body.

Yes, that true we feel less thirsty during winters due to this our skin cause dryness, flakiness and dehydration. Really feel like keeping your skin happy try good hygiene and healthy eating to return your skin into a fresh state.

3. Natural Skin Care Ingredients

winter skin care

Everyone love clear and even-toned skin, but in winter our skin tone gets to change into a deep brown. To understand what can be a good beauty ingredient, firstly take an overview of effective ingredients like – Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil, Herbal Tea mask, Honey and Milk etc.

Mostly we use aloe vera gel for sunburn or dark patches but now it can be a winter staple for skin care. In extream winter months, Aloe Vera is best to use for the skin to keep skin smooth and soft. The convenient thing is you can keep small Aloe vera plant and use it’s gel daily.

4. Use Mild Moisturizer Cream

winter skin care

Maintain very basic and simple healthy skin care routine that you can follow during winter days. Many of us don’t take the skin products seriously and purchase moisturizer which has petroleum ingredients in it. When we apply this moisturizer on our dry skin it further dries your skin more in the winter months.

Be more conscious while using any moisturizer, only apply natural oil base creams rather than a water-based solution. Moisturizer should have natural hydrating ingredients like lavender, herbal jojoba and chamomile etc.

5. Homemade Mask

When we do regular exercise our pores get open and body release many toxic bacteria. And it is very important to clean your skin. For this, I am telling you some homemade hydrating masks. This masks will help you to keep your skin moisturized in winters.

You can make natural masks at home by using ingredients such as mix honey with milk, yoghurt with olive oil, Tomato with buttermilk, eggs with almond oil, banana with honey etc. Mix them create a creamy paste and apply on skin for at least 15- 20 minutes for hydration.

6. Have Steam Facial

winter skin care

If anybody has extra sensitive skin than you can skip this point. People who have dark patches on the skin and uneven skin tone can try and go for a steam facial. The basic step is before taking hard steam clean your makeup and wash your skin with mild face wash.

Doing these steps before steam facial will be helpful as steaming opens up your skin pores. So during this process never try to exfoliate your face before and after steaming. Once you are done with steam wipe your skin with a dry towel. After 10 to 20 minutes of cleaning, you can apply mild moisturizer.

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