I know you must be finding out some detailed list of trendiest nail art designs! Experimenting with your nails is not bad, as it benefits you come up with some new ideas. I must inform you that these are some nail art designs which are popular among all designs.

Nail art can brighten your hand nails because nail polish color used here is easily available. Check out which design is the most desirable match for your occasions or dresses.   

Yes, continue reading detailed guide of nail art designs.

1. Lovely Pink And White Nail Art Designs

This design is much more pretty and can be done quickly without taking others help. In this nail art design, you will need such material.

  • Baby Pink Nail Paint 
  • White Nail Paint
  • Silver Glitter Polish
  • Top Coat 

What can be the primary step to begin your nail art?  Apply the base coat on all your fingernails. Here I have rounded up with the best white nail polish which is quite sheer and opaque for any nail design. 

Apply the first coat of white nail polish. When applying make sure to avoid touch the nail polish brush to the side cuticles. Or you can use cuticle remover to remove extra nail polish.

Now make sure you don’t apply a double stroke of white polish. As we will apply pink shades on the tips. 

Another method is you can apply half white coat and half pink coat as shown in the image. Here you can apply a double stroke of each nail polish color. This will remove the transparency of nail art design. 

Last and most crucial step to complete this nail design, add silver glitter nail polish on it.  In everyday life, you can get such super-easy designs. 

2. Light Orange Nails With Glitter

I know you might be seeking for best nail design which can be created instantly. For this nail art design, you will require such material.

  • Base Coat 
  • Orange Nail Polish
  • Glitter Green Polish 
  • Top Coat

I am sure that you will cherish this nail design once done on your nails. How you can do it, I will guide you on these ideas. Nothing to worry this detailed tutorial will help you to come out with same nail style!

Before you begin I want to advise you to always use your base coat. This will shield your nail plate from getting damage and yellow. Mildly apply the base coat once it gets dry then proceed on to another step. 

Never keep your nail shape irregular!

Apply the orange nail polish shade only on three nails as shown in the image. Now go for glitter green shade on a ring and small fingernail.  It’s not compulsory to go with the same nail polish shades. You can try your personal nail polish shades.  

3. Classy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Perfection matters a lot in any nail design, so learn each step to create a textured nail design. Now you necessitate collecting this material. 

  • Base Coat
  • Blending Brush
  • White polish
  • Purple Shade Polish
  • Top Coat   

For making this amazing nail art, the First start is to select your design then learn some tips on it. Here we will begin with our base coat as we know this will help us to cure our nail plates from becoming pale yellow. 

You can make your nail design super cool by blending two shades perfectly. Basic step to start the design, apply white nail polish on your thumbnail and small fingernail. Also, apply the purple nail polish on your forefinger nail.

I must say nail art is an inexpensive way to update your nails look. With this, you can cover both the shades, let’s see how. Apply a single stroke of white color polish on half nail then apply the purple color polish on side of white nail polish. 

In this nail art, I have made use of blending brush. You don’t have to wait for drying of polish as this will not blend your both colors properly. 

You have to immediately blend both shades as shown in the image. 

4. Amazing Glitter Nail Designs

Glittery or matte nails can never be outdated from fashion. But what makes them so special to look classy. I hope you can collect 3 nail shades! 

  • Omber Green 
  • Baby Pink Shade 
  • Glitter Purple Polish 
  • Top Coat

I know it’s pretty simple to apply, also be sure to choose perfect contrasting shades. Now begin with any single nail polish colour! 

Gently apply all the three shades one by one. 

The correct method to apply any nail paint, pull the nail polish brush very smoothly in a downward direction. Also, remember you have to keep a gap between nail polish brush and cuticles. This will help your cuticles from getting messy. 

Somehow if your nail paint brush gets touch to the cuticle, you can clean it with the acetone.  

5. DIY Easy Glitter Nail Designs

Yes, it is simple classy look and can be created in just a few steps. Collect these materials to make summer days bright. 

  • Base Coat 
  • Orange Light Glittery Polish
  • Silver Shimmer Polish
  • Top Coat

Most of the time it is asked by nail polish lovers that can’t we skip base coat step. I know it takes your extra time but this also helps your nail plates to get a yellow stain. Basecoat adheres your nail polish for longer days.

Once you have applied your base coat, now you can apply your nail color on each fingernail. Make sure that your nail polish brush doesn’t touch to the side cuticles. 

It’s important to apply a top coat after you finished up with your nail polish base. This will help your nail paint to get dry faster. 

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