When we think for Summer Bikini Nail Art, our mind recalls for bright pastel colors and play with designs, colors, nail accessories etc. Now imagine having trendy pretty bikini style on your nails with different colors.

Nothing to worry about steps, I will guide you with each step for this bikini nail art style. Let’s have fun with this design and try to make the style remindful for summer vacations on the beach.  It’s good to have your nails with vacation dresses or destinations.

1. Nail Polishes For Bikini Nart Art

Summer Bikini Nail Art

To begin with nail style it’s essential to choose a few nail base colors for your Summer Bikini Nail Art design. It is not particular to choose the same polishes as shown in the image. Here you can go with any nail color or go for a single nail color. This all will depend upon your nail polish collections.

Here I have selected five shades from different brands, let’s have a look. First is green (Teen Beauty), Yellow (Makeover), Orange (VOV), Light purple (Nykaa), and Light pink (Nykaa). This will be bikini base nail design but you can go for a single color too.

2. White Polish and Doting Tool

This both white nail polish and doting tool are high lighter for your Summer Bikini Nail Art design. The most interesting part is it’s very easy to use! Collect your nail art tray, so that you can dip the nail polish drop into the tray while making a design.

For cleaning tool, you will need a cotton pad and nail remover. This question will help you How to use them? While making design wipe the unwanted nail polish so that you can get beautiful nail design very perfectly.

3. Badge Nude Colour Base

Summer Bikini Nail Art

Here I have chosen the badge nude color nail base for bikini nail design. This is because for bikini drees we have selected all neon colors. If you don’t have the same nail base color try something else but only in nude shades. In the next step, you will see how bikini nail design will come out flauntingly.

There is a technique to apply nail base color, this will make your design look more ready for summer. Stretch your side cuticles downward and then apply the first base coat do same with all fingers. This will protect your cuticles to get touch nail paint brush.

4. Multicolour Bikini Design

This incomplete design would not be appealing to you, don’t worry the next step will help you to complete it. So before that let me inform you here I have used a dotting tool and striper brush for a more finishing look. As I have told you about nail colors in the first step, the same I have used here to create this elegant bikini.

So let’s begin with our first step towards this major design which will light up your nail art design. Pick any of your favourite color to create the same. For the upper part, I have used a dotting tool and for the lower part of Summer Bikini Nail Art, I have used striper brusher. For exact shape make use of striper brush, outline your design for the final look.

5. Enhance Bikini with White Polka

Summer Bikini Nail Art

Polka tool is really fun to use! As you can see in the image how beautifully white polka is placed with full attraction. You have to not worry about polka alignment be comfortable to put polka anywhere in bikini dress. But make sure to put the dot inside the dress not outside it.

When you pick white polish from nail art tray on the doting tool, see that your polish should not be thick. While picking the polish on the tool, if you find it chapped than wipe your tooltip and use fresh thin liquid polish. You should always check your nail polish viscosity, it must be always less viscous. Now cover your design with a top coat.

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