Striped nail art is too classy to have on your nails! This design is very essay to create if you follow proper guidelines. As you know many other nail art designs need a lot of creativity but this stripe nail design is essay and gorgeous for any occasion. 

Beautiful tool – Nail Striping will simplify the process of making the same nail art at home. You can use different nail colors if not available similar nail colors. 

I love experimenting with my nails. I always keep my nails prepared with proper shape, nothing to worry if you have shorter nails. This nail art can be made on both short and long nails very gracefully.   

However, I have always been careful to preserve the texture of my nails which help me to experiment with more nail colors. So here is another post on stripe nail design for everyone who is on the beginner stage. Here I will let you know each step with an image and method to follow while making the design.

1. Striping Nail Art Base Coat

Doing striping nail art will be fun! Collect your nail polish colors for this nail art design. Clean your old nail polish, oil your nail and cuticle to get a smooth nail base. For getting an attractive nail look, you have to keep in mind that your nails should be uniformly trim and shaped according to your choice.  You can make use of a nail filer to get proper shape and nail buffer for smooth nail base. 

It is very simple, to begin with, nail base coat. Add a transparent nail polish base which saves your nails from getting yellow. Here I have personally selected two nail polish colors for my nail art base that are pink and black. This design is so stunning and defined! 

While applying nail base colors always keep in mind some tips and hacks. Pick nail polish color on brush very carefully, apply even strokes into all the angles of the nail.

2. V-Shape Stripe

striping nail art

Wait for the nail polish to dry completely. Once your nail polish base coat is dried, go ahead with striping nail art design. This striper brush helps you in creating V-shape design on your nails as you can see in image. Collect items like striper brush, black nail polish, silver metallic nail polish and nail art tray.  

Add a few drops of black nail polish color in the tray, with the help of a brush gently pick the black color and draw straight lines in V-shape.  Always remember that you have to mark a midpoint and then accordingly draw the straight lines. Now use silver nail color to fill the space between the triangles.  As you can see I have created this design only on three fingers. 

Nothing to worry about, you can also create this same design with different nail colors. There is a saying “Practice help of course, and the more you try on your nails, the better you become.”

3. Simple Base Coat 

striping nail art

This simple nail design takes only 15 minutes if you try at home! You can cover your other finger nails with a simple base coat of dark nail polish. Here I have applied black nail base coat on the right fingernails and other fingers are covered with a light baby pink base coat. 

Once your nail polish and nail art design gets dry then apply a top coat on each fingernail. This will help your nail polish stay for a longer duration. Also keep your nails safe from getting chips and breakage from the sides.

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