For women, nails have always been a priority with beauty and fashion. Whenever we think about nails beauty only one thing comes in mind that is manicure with nail art! So today we will talk about some cute spring flower nail designs for summers.

Your mind questions you most of time for nail texture or designs? Here I will guide you with some super fast tips and tricks that will help you always. Take your time to analyse the design and add your ideas to it for more creativity. Never make yourself complicated just make your mind free to start with any designs.

1. Clean Your Nails

spring flower nail designs

Generally, we all wash our hands several times a day to get rid of germs and dirt. But have you given a thought how often you clean our nails? So it’s essential to pay attention to your nail hygiene for stunning nail designs. Before starting a nail art design trim your nails and clean your old nail polish. Pull your cuticles in the upward direction and nourishes them suitably.

2. Apply Nail Polish Base Coat

You can see in the image, I have selected Light nude pink shade for my nail art base. As I always guide you in my every article that It’s never compulsory for you to choose the same nail color. But yes you should select some contrasting nail colors. I am reminding you for the base coat which forms a layer between your nail and nail polish. The base coat is best if applied before any polish.

3. Flower Nail Designs

spring flower nail designs

For creating this spring flower nail designs you need nail polish, detailer brush, nail art tray and cotton bowls. Let’s start off with our nail art tray where you have to add a few drops of nail polish. Now start drawing your flower slightly starting from one finger to all one by one.

Here is the first hack, you have to draw five edges of flower this will give to a proper alignment. The second hack is you have to move your brush outward to an inward side.  And third, clean your brush on every two attempts.

4. Outline Flower

spring flower nail designs

Here I have used the striper brush to give an outline to the spring flower nail designs. This will enhance your design and make your flowers more attractive. It’s very simple first start from the outer edge, keep the border thin this will make your flower nail designs look perfect. As you can see I have not given the centre dot because the width of the flower is less.  

Top Coat: It’s good to cover your nail design with a top coat this is applied over dried nail polish. This will give your nails gloss-shine look and create a barrier so that design prevent from chipping. Best thing is it smooth your nail design!

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