Wana accomplishes the same rose nail art look by setting at home. I must say it is very much easier to do this style with any nail polish available with you at home present. Just go slowly and work carefully with this nail art ideas!

You will need only a few things like three contrasting nail polishes, striper brush and most important top coat to give the complete stunning look.

1. Red, White, Green Nail Polish

nail paints

Here I am using three contrasting nail polishes which is amazing to kick-start your nail art design. These colors are mostly available at home and can be classified for each pattern. Yes, these colors only need one coat and then – perfection! You can try other nail polish brands if you feel that this is not affordable for you.  

2. Full White Base Nail Colour

white nail paint

Simply start with a white color nail polish base. You might be thinking which nail polish is best to avoid transparency of a base color. So here I am using my favourite @colorbar brand which I think is best in its thickness and quality. If you want to use nail other nail polish color as a base then you can try baby pink or nude color polishes. 

3. Give Curves To Rose Nail Art

Let’s begin with the red rose nail art petals, pick your round brush for this perfect curves. You can use red color nail polish for the flower design. Take your brush to the top centre and then make curves in a circular motion. Clean your brush on every two attempts this trick will help you come up with clean nail designs. 

4. Shape Green Leaves

rose nail art

Stunning green leaves will give you a complete rose look!

Here you can pick any of the green color for leaves this can be created with the help of a small striper brush. To get centre aligned make two leaves on both the side of rose petals. While drawing leaves try to keep tips sharp this will make your rose nail art more real and beautiful.

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