rose nail design

Rose nail design will be the next booming nail art design in fashion! This nail design is picking up trendy designs that can change your style and appearance. Nail Art will never stop your mind to try different colors with different nail designs. If you are thinking of trying the same rose nail art look by setting at home. I recommend you to pick up any nail polish color that is available at your home and execute the nail design with the guidance of this article.

This trendy nail design will look more pretty with white base and red rose on it! To give roses a perfect look, you can read the below instructions and tips. Just go slowly and work carefully with these nail art ideas!

Rose Nail Design

You will need only a few things like three contrasting nail polishes, striper brush and most important top coat to give the complete stunning look.

1. Red, White, Green Nail Polish

rose nail design

Here I am using three contrasting nail polishes which is amazing to kick-start your rose nail design. These nail colors are mostly available at home and can be classified for each pattern. You can choose a nail color according to your choice. The best part of these nail colors is they give you pretty shade on a single strike. You can also apply a double base coat for more perfection. There are so many amazing brands for nail polish if you feel that this is not affordable for you then go for other brands in the market.

2. Full White Base Nail Colour

rose nail design

Adding beauty in your nail designs you must go with contrasting nail colors. The very First step to start your nail design, apply a simple base coat or directly apply a thin white base coat on your nails. Be careful while applying nail polish it should not touch your cuticles that can cause a mess with your nail design. Little bit messiness can be removed with the help of nail polish remover.

Another question may have how I can avoid transparency of nail polish as a base coat. So the best suggestion for you is to use @colorbar brand which I think is best in its thickness and quality. If you want to use another nail polish color as a base then make sure to apply a double coat of that nail polish.

3. Give Curves To Rose Nail Art

rose nail design

Let’s begin with the most interesting part that is how to make beautiful rose petals on nails? Here you have to keep a few things in mind that are never select brush with broad tips, never use nail polish which is instantly dry.

Now time to create rose nail designs with deep curves. Dab a few drops of red nail polish on a foil sheet or you can use a nail polish tray. Take your thin stripe brush and carefully dip your brush into red nail polish color. Gently pick the color then make curves in a circular motion as shown in the image. Always start from the centre and move outwards when making red petals. Clean your brush on every two attempts this trick will help you come up with clean nail designs.

4. Shape Green Leaves

rose nail design

Once you are done with rose petals it’s good to go ahead with Stunning green leaves which give you a complete rose look!

Here you can pick any of the green color for leaves that can be created with the help of a small striper brush. To get centre aligned make two leaves on both the side of rose petals. While drawing leaves try to keep tips sharp this will make your leaves more real and beautiful. To cover your rose nail designs make use of a topcoat to seal your design for a long duration.

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