Polka dot nail designs can become your beauty icon if cared and looked properly. With little polish help, you can make your nails eye-catching and wonderful. The polka dot pattern is so trendy to match with any color dress. After done many experiments with polka dot designs, now I have come up with this elegant and simple design.

This can be super easy for you if you keep on trying the same design. For this, you have to learn some methods and ways to take help of picture as given below. Make yourself comfortable and follow each step.

1. Polish & Tool For Polka Dot Nail Designs

polka dot nail designs

This nail polish collection is a seasonal color which is almost available to everyone. Here I am using Black Magic (Teen Beauty), Victoria’s Red (Teen Beauty) and White (Colorbar). With this Medium size polka tool, you can create your nail design. An alternate tool can be used like a Gel pen tip or toothpick.

2. Apply Base Coat

I have noticed that when we apply a base coat before nail polish it really stay for a longer time. When you use a good base coat, it prevents nail polish from chipping and streaky. It works as a barrier between your nail plate and nail polish. This will help your nails from getting a yellow stain and also eliminate ridges.

3. Nail Art Base Color

polka dot nail designs

Here comes the nail art base coat which will enhance your polka dot nail designs more effectively. You can select any three base colors, make sure it should be contrasting with each other. Once you do that apply it in the same sequence like below, keep the lighter color on the forefinger. Apply the double stroke so that nail polish brush patches get hidden properly.

4. Add White & Black Polka Dots

polka dot nail designs

You need to collect three major things like polka tool, nail art tray and cotton bowls. Today I will let you know the correct method to place your polka without any chip. Use alternative color for making polka from the base color, as shown in the image.

Add a single drop of nail polish in nail art tray than pick the color on polka tool. Gently place the polka in a straight line from the centre and on side alternatively. To avoid chipping clean your polka tool point end on every two dots. When you found the nail polish is thickened in nail art tray than add another fresh drop of nail polish for polka dot nail designs.

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