Polka dot nail art pattern catches attention instantly as these designs are the most simple and fashionable to go for any outfit or occasion. Let’s begin with the utmost top designs which you can design comfortably at home.

Add fun and enjoy while doing nail art!

1. Golden Polka Dot

Polka Dot Nail Art 1

Give Black base to your nails then add golden dots in decreasing order for an outstanding look. Source

2. A cute Polka Dot Base with Multicolored

Polka Dot Nail Art 2

Apply your Favorite base on your nails matching to your outfits, give glam look by adding black polka dots on it. Source

3. Nude Base with White and Black Polka

Polka Dot Nail Art 3

This nail designs is stylish and trendy, Light base on nails all-time unique for dress up multi-colour polka on it enhance the nail art design. Source

4. Multi color Polka Dot

Polka Dot Nail Art 4

White base on nails boom multi polka on it, choose your favorite nail polish for polka dots. Source

5. Navy Base with White Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art

To hold your nail art more specific go for only two nail paint shades, so that polka dot nail art gives you excellent match with your outfits. Source

6. Silver Color Polka Dot  

Polka Dot Nail Art 6

For a more bright look go for the simplistic silver base than add floral multicolored polka dots on it. Source

7. Silver Polka Dots on Black Nail Background

Polka Dot Nail Art 7

Hot black base with polka french tips with silver color never looks boring for any outfit you wear. Source

8. Rainbow Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Nail Art 8

This design is a magic boom with multi polka dots on white base nail polish. To avert your nail art more eye appealing go for two size polka as shown in the image. Source

9. Black Base with Pink and Green Polkas

multi color polka dot nail art

Glossy pink with black nail polish variation and then adding different size blue polka on black base comes out genuine polka design eternally. Source

10. Multi-color Dots with Centrally Aligned

Polka Dot Nail Art 10

Polka dot nail art marks like rainbow this unique multi color polka on white nails adding extra glam. Source

11. Different Blue Shades Polka Dot

Polka Dot Nail Art 11

Three Different shades in blue color, give the lighter base to your nails so that middle and darker shade of nail paint make apparent when polka dot connect. Source

12. Purple Color Polka Dot Nail

Polka Dot Nail Art 12

Darker and lighter shade of purple color nail polish a classic fuse for the special outfit of the likewise color. Source

13. Nude Base with Green Brown Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art 13

Nude Matte nail base with two nail paint shade green and brown adding polka on it give glam attention. Source

14. Ludo Black Polka Dots on White Base

Polka Dot Nail Art 14

This not only symbolizes the polka nail art design but also narrates us about playing dice. Source

15. Black Background with Shiny Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art 15

Glossy black nail polish base on nails with multicolored polka on it. However not forget to fasten a top coat to your nail art for a longer hold. Source

16. Dark and Light Green Contrast Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art 16

Pretty nude and glossy green color nail paints will help you to design major classy polka nail art design for the party. Source

17. Hot Red Color Base and Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art 17

Red polka dot nails are covered with red nail paint base, not adding white dots on it. Mix the white color paint with few drops of red to make the lighter red color. Source

18.  Dark Shades Polka Art

Polka Dot Nail Art 18

Cute Multi base with multi-color polka on nails wants to tell that this is best nail art for a birthday party. Source

19. Cute Black Green Nail Art Design

Polka Dot Nail Art 19

Simple and stylish light and dark blue color polka on nails present the easy nail art more charming. Source

20. Daisy Color Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Nail Art 20

Matte grey base with glossy multi-color polka gives more glamour look to Nail Art. Source

21. Grey Base Polka Dot Nail Art design

Polka Dot Nail Art 21

Multicolored polka on grey base to your nails help to tend any function with full satisfaction. Source

22. Double Blue Shade Nail Art Design

Polka Dot Nail Art 22

Same color nail art can give you same look with a different color which you wish the most. Source


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