It’s fun making polka dot manicure design with polka dots, and we all know french manicure is the most simple and easy design overall nail art. I am also sure if you will follow the steps properly you can create the same design within 15 minutes.

Welling to enhance your nail art tricks than you are on right place to learn something new! Polka is the most simple tool for every beginner. Here you will find satisfactory polka dot manicure which can be made for any occasion.

1. Nail Paints and Tools

polka dot manicure

In the beginning, everyone hesitates to start with nail art design but you should be confident about your choice and styles you are trying! If you are a newbie to this field than this is a good opportunity to learn more about doting tool here.

I will be using two contrasting color nail polish for this polka nail art design as shown in the image. We can get different size of polka dot tool available in the market but the main thing is how to make use of those tools in the correct way.  

2. Orange and White Nail Paint Base

To have more fun you can create a double base nail combination. My two jumbo nail polish colors are “orange” and “white’! So gently start with your first nail base color, then apply second base nail polish on the ring finger.

While applying your base color be careful to avoid touching your cuticle. If still by mistake your cuticles get messy than you can use nail polish correcting pen. The best thing for this pen is it will not spoil your hands and help you clean properly.

3. Large Polka Dot Manicure

polka dot manicure

To maintain the symmetry of nail art, apply each polka in a straight line with little space between them. Here you will use orange and white nail polish for polka as well as try to choose large size polka tool for this design.

Remember, when applying polkas keep the polka dot color opposite to base color. As you can see I have applied white color polka on orange base and orange polka on white nail base.

4. Small Polka Dots

Now for a more trendy look, you can just go for small polka around large polka dots. Make small polka slightly above and downside the large polka. Repeat same for all fingers! This will make your nail art design look complete.

It’s time to cover the nail design with glossy nail top which will cover all the edges and pop your nail design.

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