Pink and grey nails become more stylish by adding a simple nail art design as shown in the image.

For extraordinary look it not compulsory to have long nails, any nail art can be made on short nails also. This design is most simple to create and can be achieved without any difficulty.

Equipment Involved Before Starting Nail Art

  • Nail Remover
  • Cotton Bowl
  • Nail Trimmer
  • Nail Filer
  • Pink Nail Polish
  • Grey Nail Polish
  • Top & Base Coat
  • Stripper Brush

How to Start?

1. Remove Old Nail Polish

Remove Old Nail Polish

Painting my nails is fun for me as it is an inexpensive way to play with my nails. I apply and remove many nail paint colors in daily life. Do you think using remove on daily bases can harm my nails plate?

Let me tell you it’s very important to use correct product for your beauty and style. As you know nail plate is composed of keratin and without ignoring this I always try to make use of my Lakme remover.

Lakme remover is enriched with Vitamin E which strengthens the nail and remove color completely without drying my nails.

2. Shape Nails with Trimmer

Shape Nails with Trimmer

I always trim my nail when it gets uneven because it is easier to trim long nails. I personally use Vega trimmer to shape my nails into a square which is pretty simple and look good for baby pink nails.

3. Smooth Nails with Filer

Smooth Nails with Filer

After trimming my nails I use my filer to remove all uneven edges and smooth the surface. This process helps me to maintain my pink and grey nails for long. Make sure while running filer on edges don’t run it harshly because it can spoil the shape of nails.

4. Gray Nail Paint Base


Before starting the nail art design remember to use the base coat, As I always use my O.P.I base coat on my nails. Or it is better to take an occasional manicure to freshen up your nails.

I prefer using the base coat because it protects my nail surface and also helps to react chemicals present in dark shade nail paints. Now it’s time to jump into nail art!

I choose my favorite grey color nail polish to give a base to my nail art design. Apply it gently to your nails, if paint touched to your cuticle remove it with the help of earbud and remover.

5. Final Touch Up to Pink and Grey Nails


Here I have used my Stripper brush to give four edges shape with pink color in nail art. It is super easy to design hot pink and grey nails with a variety of textures and color of your choice.  

Firstly mark your four center points on edges then join this with each other with help of stripper brush you will find an outline. Fill the empty space on edges with the help of detailed brush to make nail art more pretty and colorful.

If still, you think it’s difficult to make the straight lines, not to worry there’s another way to get this design complete. Tear the small pieces of scotch tape and taped it to the nails now fill all the empty space then remove those tape with the help of tweezer.

Seal the design with your top coat!


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