Some people are blessed with strong natural nails. You might have noticed different shaped nails like almond or square shaped nails. In this patchwork nail art, you also need square shaped nails. Such type of shape will enhance your nail design perfectly.

It’s necessary to follow steps for any nail art design, as this makes your nail art design simple and perfect. In this tutorial, you will learn about tools and nail colors.

Equipment Involve For Nail Art

  • Nail Remover
  • Nail Trimmer
  • Cotton bowls
  • Nail Filer
  • Basecoat
  • Yellow Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Striper Brush

How to Begin?

1. Nail Remover

To clear my nails I removed my old nail paint from my nails. I used Lakme remover which is enriched with Vitamin E and prevent dryness around the nails. Basically, this never weaken my nails and remove colour completely

2. Nail Trimmer

With the help of a nail trimmer, I have removed my rough edges of nails to give a look of a manicure. Here I have used Vega large nail clipper which helps me trim my nails quickly and safely.

3. Nail Filer

I make my best use of nail file because it helps me remove all my excess nail that is jagged or has been missed during trimming my nails.

4. Nail Art Base Coat

This is an incredibly simple step before starting with any nail design. Nail base coat is worn all times! Begin with the base coat as it helps me preventing my nails get stained yellow. One day I take a chance and not applied a base coat on my nails.

After a few days when I was removing my old polish, I saw that my nails turned into yellow. I tell you why my nails get yellow because of the strong chemicals present in nail paints which get reacted and then nail plates become yellow.

5. Yellow Nail Polish

Finishing up with the base coat and once it gets dry properly. I picked my favourite Yellow nail polish to cover my nails Tips. I recommend you to choose your favourite colour so that you can happily enjoy while making nail art design.

Here are a few Tips I would suggest to follow so that you do not make a mistake when making patchwork nail art.

I have covered my tips into yellow with my free hands with the help of nail paint brush itself. You don’t need to worry I will help you to make this design more simple.

Let see How?

In this step, you can use scotch tape for making the straight line or if you are good enough in drawing then you can make use of Striper brush to give a straight line first and then fill the empty space with help of nail paint brush itself.

6. Nude Black Nail Polish

Now It’s time to boom up more with our creativity on nails. Here I have taken my black nail polish to outline my yellow tips with the help of striper nail art brush. The best part is it helped me hide my uneven yellow tips if found anywhere.

7. Striper Nail Art Brush

patchwork nail art

Jotting down with my final step of nail art I picked my striper nail art brush to give small cuts in between the straight lines made on the top of the yellow paint.

I think these small cuts have made the patchwork nail art more attractive and enhanced to give a final glam on nails. 

Yes, last but not the least don’t forget to apply a final top coat on your nails for dazzle look!

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