Nail Polish is not the only thing we do, we also do a perfect Nail art with selected colours. Today I have picked some generic colour for everybody so that you can shine this week with 5 minutes challenge!

What do you think of this beautiful colour?

Excited to know the pre-steps done during any nail art designs. So collect nail remover, buffer, Base coat, top coat, Two contrasting nail polishes and nail art tools. Always remember to remove your old nail polish and then clean or wash your hands with mild soap.

Countdown 1

Let’s begin with our first step, Here my nails are in square shape so you can keep your nails according to your choice. Once you are done to nail filing, buff upper layer of your nails and clean your nails with wet wipes.

Pick your base coat to apply it with a single coat and then cover your half nails with grey nail polish. Use your free hands for that straight middle line or you can use striper brush to draw the middle line first then fill the lower nail with grey polish.  

Countdown 2

Now it’s time to pick the chic black nail polish for this beautiful V lines. For this, you will need the help of striper brush, in the beginning, keep the black nail polish quantity less on the brush. Starting from thumb to your little finger with a second coat of black stripe.

As you can see here I have kept three layers of V shape lines and also have good space between each stripe. Not to worry you can keep it two if your nails are too short or avoid leaving to much space between each layer. Now you will see light lines.

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