Are you willing to improve your french tip nail designs behaviour?

I wish this nail art is fittest for your special events and parties. The most important thing if nail art made at home than you won’t need to pay for salons and spend your precious time.

You can be your own professional by practising Nail Art at home every day, learn basics and be your own artist in every design.

French tips are easy to paint which can be made on both small and long nails. If you want your manicure more different and attractive than you can find this article interesting and valuable.

Before we dig into deep steps of this nail art let’s discuss few hacks of Nail Art.

Hacks to Avoid Nail Paints from chipping

  1. Clean Nails: Firstly remove your old nail paint, seek to use high-quality remover so that your nails do not get dry. It’s very crucial to keep your nails clean before staring french manicure.
  2. Remove Oil: It’s better to avoid using any kind of oil or cream if you are thinking to create nail art. Make sure to keep your nail dry because nail paint doesn’t adhere to nails if any oil is applied.
  3. Shake Nail polish Bottle: We all have the habit of shaking Nail polish bottle before applying it to nails. Let me tell you that when we shake it creates air bubbles, so it is preferred to roll nail paint bottle.
  4. Apply Base Coat: Shielding your nails from yellow stain or brittle nails so never skip your base coat. This will retain your nail polish last longer and give you a glam look.
  5. Thin Double Coat: Once your base coat is dried, apply two coats of your nail art polish before commencing nail art. To avoid blending with your next colour wait for 5 minutes for wholly dry.
  6. Let it Dry: Dip your hands in cold water, now after your base is dry start with this nail art steps given below.

Here I will make French Manicure design super-simple with steps as given below. Come let’s follow it!

1. Apply Light Pink Color Base

Multicolor french tip nail design 1

Push your upper cuticle mildly in an upward direction, soon take your nail paint brush in the centre of your nail move it lightly first in left than in right direction evenly.

To avoid touch your nail paint brush to side cuticles hold your both side cuticle in a downward direction from your other hand.

Apply double base coat – light pink or light nude shade according to your selection and let your french tip nail designs dry completely.

2. Zig-Zag Patch on Tips  

Multicolor french tip nail design 2.png

Join zig-zag patch on your nails tips with various fluorescent color, the best part is you have to not take care of certain cuts or lines on tips.

As you can see I have used Blue and Red color in initially. You can use any of your nail art tool that can be dotting tool or stripper brush to form equal patches.

3. Multicolor Patch on Nail Tips

Multicolor french tip nail design 3

Presently it’s time to join few more nail polish colors on your nails tip. You can go with any bright color for this manicure design, as shown in the image.

Here I have used some more nail paint colors like white and yellow. You might be thinking that this french tip nail designs is not fascinating to the eyes, something is missing.

Yes, don’t worry let’s move to the next step and complete this art.

4. French Tip Nail Designs With Polka 

french tip nail designs

Very simple to highlight your manicure, combine green lines in a random direction and fill the empty space with multicoloured polka.

Now seal your french tip nail designs with a glossy Topcoat which will improve to stay your nail art for the longer time period.

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