Leopard print nails designs will make you fall in love with it and also it will be fun DIY! Mostly every nail art should be perfect without any mistake but here you have to not take care of symmetry. You can draw leopard print with freehand very quickly because uneven spots are better for nail art design.

Reade my fast and easy step tutorial on cheetah print. Great for summers! I personally love this print on my nails, this gives me less stressful time. Learn some tricks and hacks while making nail art design.

1. Striping Brush & Dotting Tool

leopard print nails designs

I love experimenting with nail art tools! In this cheetah design, you will need two types of the tool such as a doting tool and a striper brush. Dot is used for inner print and brush is used for lining outer part. Make sure to choose zero size brush and a medium size dotting tool.

2. Nail Paint For Leopard Print Nails Designs

You can use any brand nail paints available at home. Here I have used three main shades for leopard print such as White (Colorbar), Black (Teen Beauty) and Green (Colorbar). I prefer these brands because it’s thickness is very smooth and soft while applying on nails.

3. Nail Base Color

leopard print nails designs

To make your leopard print nails designs stylish you can use two different nail polish color for the base. You can use glue peel off before starting your nail art design. Here I have not used any glue because I have pushed my side cuticle downward and applied the base very carefully. Apply double stroke so that opaqueness get hidden.

4. Dots For Animal Print

Now we will begin with leopard print design, before applying dots on your nails please view the image. Here I have covered dots only on one side instead of covering the whole fingernail. Cover your tips and move in slenting in an upward direction.

Also, take care of contrasting colors like on white nail polish base use green dots. Same with green color base use only white dots, this will enhance your leopard print very brightly. Not to worry about the perfection of dot because uneven spot will make your nail art more natural and live.

5. Leopard Print

leopard print nails designs

Outline your leopard print nails designs dots with black color nail polish with the help of striper brush. Remember when you will outline the dot don’t join the outer lines with each other. Keep the lines uneven for a more perfect look. Once you are done with this step, cover your design with top coat.

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