Leopard print nail design is gorgeous for all occasions and parties. Such nail designs will make you fall in love with it and also it will be fun DIY! Using regular polish will help you create this amazing animal print which will never ever go out of trend. 

Animal prints highlight your nails that are enough to catch the eye of others. You can make this nail design look very special by using colors like neon green, blue, orange etc. The best part for Leopard nail design, you have to not take care of symmetry.  You can make this  print with freehand very quickly because uneven spots are better for Leopard nail art design.

Great for summers and I personally love this print on my nails! Learn some tricks and hacks while making nail art design. Check out the detailed steps for creating the same design on your nails.

1. Striping Brush & Dotting Tool

leopard print nails designs

I love experimenting with nail art tools! In this leopard nail design, you will need two types of the tool such as a doting tool and a striper brush. Dotting tool is used for making tiny dots  or tiny designs for any kind of nail art. Striper brush is used for creating thin lines and detailing nail art design. Make sure to choose a zero size brush and a medium size dotting tool. Once you have used the dotting tool and striper brush make sure to clean it with nail remover. 

2. Nail Paint For Leopard Print Nails Designs

Here I have used three main nail polish shades in different brands for leopard print such as White (Colorbar), Black (Teen Beauty) and Green (Colorbar). These colors are super trendy in summer,I prefer these brands because they’re very smooth and soft while applying on nails. You can also use any brand nail paints that are available at your home. 

3. Leopard Print Nail Design Base Color

leopard print nails designs

There is a fact that when you apply base nail poilish before applying colored nail plolish it protects your nails from getting yellow and brittle. To make leopard print nail design stylish you can use two different contrasting nail polish color for the base. First apply green nail polish on fingers and do the double coat of it then apply white base color with double coat.

While applying polish take care not to touch the cuticles this can messy your nail art. To protect your cuticles you can use glue peel off before starting your nail art design. Here I have not used any glue peel off because I have pushed my side cuticle upwards and applied the nail polish base very carefully.

4. Apply Dots for Animal Print

Now we will begin with leopard print design, before applying dots on your nails please view the image. Here I have covered dots only on one side instead of covering the whole fingernail. This pattern of Leopard print will give you a party look that can match your every outfit.  

When you begin with dots always use contrasting colors like apply white dots on green color base and green dots on white base color. During applying dots don’t worry about perfection of polka dots as Leopard Print Nail Design looks more natural when dots are not equal in shape. You will get a beautiful enhancing uneven spot on your nails. Let’s now jump into the next step!

5. Complete Look of Leopard Print

leopard print nails designs

Finally, now we will complete our Leopard Print Nail Design by adding black outline to our polka dots.  Outline your leopard print nails designs dots with black color nail polish with the help of striper brush. Remember when you will outline the dot don’t join the outer lines with each other. Keep the lines uneven for a more perfect look. Once you are done with this step, cover your design with a top coat. 

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