Everyone needs to have strong, thick, beautiful nails instead of brittle nails. As we know women’s nails go through a lot of work that can damage their nails and even break. You will find a different possibility to pump up your nails to learn how to make your nails stronger.

Best thing is that I will share a few ways that can protect your nails and help them to breathe. Although it’s true that little efforts can improve your nails strength as well as change overall lifestyle. Start with a regular manicure and make use of products or supplements for strengthening nails.

Here are top tips on how to make your nails stronger

1. Trim your nails

Long nails look more charming and attractive, but they have more risk to get damage. If you keep shorter nails that means less nail surface area which can absorb more moisture. Before trimming your nails make sure to remove old polish and clean nails correctly.

If you have brittle nails then always give shape to your nails this will help your nails to get adapted for the same shape. Sometimes your nails get chipped so it’s good to trim nails when it is not very long and not very short. how to how to make your nails stronger, keep nails size not very short is easier to maintain and trim your nails every week.

2. Moisturize Nails and Cuticle

how to make your nails stronger

When we don’t apply nail moisturizer to cuticles and nails, we face a problem of chipped nails, dry cuticles and yellow stain on the nail plate. This can create big problems so it’s important to cut nails properly. When we cut nails incorrectly, the chance of entering bacteria increases.

Before applying any moisturizer to nails and cuticle make sure to use cuticle softener to gently push them back. For nail growth you can use vaseline, O.P.I nail base or essential oil. Whenever you clean your nails, first thing is to apply oil or cream to it and then cover nail plate with a base coat. This will keep your nails protected and strong all the time.

3. Soak Nails in Olive Oil

This is a quite helpful method to strengthen nails naturally. Our nails also need nutrition and moisture so to fulfil this we take help of different essential oils. This is tried earlier and results are awesome, push your cuticles gently then use any of this oil coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil or castor oil.

Follow these steps: Add oil in a bowl and dip your fingernails into it. Keep your finger soak for at least 10 minutes in between you can take out fingernails and give a gentle massage. Once your 10 minutes are over give regular massage to your nail beds and cuticles for 5 minutes. This will support in proper blood circulation.

4. Follow Rule Of Five with Nail Polish

Rule of five will surely help you from nail breakage and it’s not that we will suggest you give up on nail polishes. When you choose dark color than responsibilities increases for nail care. How to make your nails stronger, so the best thing is to follow a rule of five which means five days on and five days off, don’t overstay your nail polish.

We advise you to not leave nail polish far longer than five days this can lead to keratin granulations. Once you have removed than wait for 5 days leave your nails naked for moisture and nutrition.

5. Use Rubber Gloves While Cleaning

how to make your nails stronger

Its very simple to understand nail breakage problem. Women can’t avoid household work due to which their nail beauty gets affected. Yes, you can get many chances to protect your nails, the best one is to use rubber gloves while cleaning household work. This will help your nails not to come in contact with water or dust.

For more bonus, you can apply light shade nail paint and with this, cover your hands with gloves. This is tried and tested that 80% of your nails will become less brittle and chipped if you take such precautions. While cleaning your hands you must use mild soap this will not take your nail moisture away.

6. Use Free Acetone Based Remover

Now you will not say how to make your nails stronger. It is always said that acetone based nail remover is not good for nails because they dry your nails. As we all know dark nail polish is quite harmful than light color shades. Same is for non-acetone nail remover are less drying your nail.

You want to avoid nail breakage than try to use polish remover after 2-3 weeks. When we use polish remover twice or thrice a week it harms nails and weakens your nail plate. This is the reason our nails get chipped and break very easily when it starts growing.

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