Things Needed For Flower Nail Designs!

  • Top and Basecoat
  • Nail Polish of your Choice
  • Stripper Brush
  • Polka Dot Tool
  • Toothpick
  • Clean up Brush

1. Give Lighter Base of Nail Polish

nail paint base

If you have removed your old nail paint then these steps will be less time consuming for you. Wash your hand in running water with the mild soap so that your nails get oil free.

Wipe your hands and leave it for few minutes until it gets absolutely dry.

Once your base coat is dry, practice a double coat of pink nail polish this light color base will maintain your flower nail designs with a more attractive look.

2. Darker Nail Polish Tips

How To Make Flower Nail Art Design 2

To make nail art more enhancing, cover nail tips with some brighter colour like here I have to prefer dark green. For straight lines, you can practice your stripper brush or if you don’t have the nail art tools than here is the alternative method.

First, if you are a pro then you can directly make use of nail polish brush for a straight patch like lines.

Second, try to make use of doctor tape available at home, cut the tape straight then stick it little above the tips of nails. Instantly apply nail polish on tips and then remove the tape carefully.

3. Vertical and Horizontal Blue Thin Lines

How To Make Flower Nail Art Design 3

With the help of stripper, brush give the thin outline horizontally above manicure tips. With this add criss-cross line vertically from one side make sure that vertical line should not be from the centre.

4. Polka Dot Pink Flower

How To Make Flower Nail Art Design 4

For this good-looking flower nail designs, you will need polka dot tool and nail polish plate where you can add few drops of pink nail polish. Before using polka tool clean it’s tip and then dip it into nail polish plate then apply four polkas in a circle.

Giving proper flower shape pull each dot towards the centre with the help of a sharp tip of a toothpick. Still, this flower is incomplete let’s move to the next step and add some more glam to this nail art.

5. Yellow Dot in Center of Flower

flower nail designs

To complete this nail art, add yellow color polka in the centre of each flower. This makes your nail art complete and gorgeous when you add a top coat to seal nail art for a long lasting stay.


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