Nails with glitter tips are an ever-trend look, this design can be made easily at home. If you are not precise in using brushes on nails, nothing to worry today I will guide you How to make glitter nail art design at home? 

For beginners, the most simple art is glitter gel polish. However, if you are not aware of creating nail art with glitter, here I will let you know super straightforward tricks for glitter tips. 

For this nail art, you will need a base coat, green nail polish, golden glitter gel and topcoat. Surprisingly, a little glitter can change your nails beauty. So don’t lose your continuity and go through each step. 

5 Major Tips Before Starting Nails With Glitter Tips

1. Moisturizer

Sometimes our nails get brittle and it shows breakage. This happens because we wash our hands frequently and also excessive use of hand sanitizer. 

Note: Use a moisturizer after washing hands and push cuticles upside instead of cutting. 

2. Caring for Cuticles

Cuticles are a major part of growing nails. If we cut cuticles they may lead to painful infections. It’s good to push them back with a pusher and trim your nails.

Note: Protect your cuticle by massaging with almond or olive oil. This will serve to remove toxic chemical stick to your nails. 

3. Buff Nails

After trimming your nails, it’s necessary to buff nails for decent shape. You can take your own time for buffing nails so that they can look eye-catching.

Note: Remember not to buff back and forth because this can weaken your nails edges. The correct technique is to file from the outside to inward. 

4. Intoxic Remover

Always Say “NO” to highly chemical-based remover because it can harm your nails and cuticles. Acetone free remover is almost available in every shop. 

Note: Use remover with natural ingredients that contain fruits and vanilla. This keeps your nails more healthy and natural.

1. Base Nail Polish

Nails with glitter tips have teeny-tiny details that will encourage you to work on all french tips that you like the most. Before we start, remember to collect your contributing material for this nail art. 

The first step is to trim your nails in equal size and then shape it with the help of filer. Wash your hands and clean your cuticles properly. Instead of cutting your cuticle, push them upward without harming it. 

Apply the moisturiser, after 5 minutes use your base coat this will sustain your nails for a longer time. 

Here I have applied green nail polish on the nail tips. Don’t worry about the messy part because these tips should look more natural instead of being perfect.

2. Nails With Glitter Tips

This move is very simple if done calmly. As we know glitter polish look best against a dark base color. It’s good to use any shade but remember out of any two – means you can choose either your glitter color dark or your base color dark.

Also make sure when you have applied your base color, give enough time for drying your nail polish. This will not chip, smudge or peel your glitter polish.

Now take your brush halfway up the nail and then add your glitter layer on the base color. If your glitter is denser then just apply a little bit. For spreading glitter you can use detailing brush. This will cover the area left from glitter and also highlight your nail design.

To hold your design more popping, you can apply the topcoat. Make sure that your nail art completely gets dry this will help your nails from getting chipped or smudge.

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