Really Glitter Nail designs have become all-time favourite from young to an old lady. Almost every girl now prefer to go with Glitter nail art as this is less time to consume than other Nail Art.

Don’t you think so! 

These days it’s difficult for every girl to go and take sitting in the parlour.

But not to worry this Tutorial will help you find most basic and trendy Glitter Nail Art Designs and I am sure everyone will love to try the same on their nails.

So let move towards beautiful nail designs which will help you select your favourite sparkles. Enjoy!

Catch this Glitter Nail Designs

1. Brown Base Nail Polish with Golden Glitters

1 Nail Art Design

Choose your favourite base colour, add some glitter nail polish to make the Nail Art more eye-catching. Source 

2. Black Nail Polish and Golden Shimmer Nail Art

2 Nail Art Design

Here are pretty looking glitter nail ideas on dark base nail paint which can give your party look on nails. Source

3. Stunning Glittery Strips Nail Art design

3 Nail Art Design

Wonderful shine grey and white nail paint base, add a silver strip on white base to give the more enhancing look to your Nail Art design. Source

4. Half Moon Glitter Nail Polish Design

4 Nail Art Design

Try this new shades of glossy contrast, half-moon glitter Nail Art design. They look pretty and shiny! Source

5. Wine Shade Nail Polish with Glitter

5 Nail Art Design

Wine shade nail paint on nails with glitter on it! Look the small granules which make finger more attractive with matt looks, keep the middle and small finger half glittery. Source

6. Matte Nude base with Glittery Nail Polish

6 Nail Art Design

Light base keep your nails simple and trendy all time, adding glitter to thumb and ring finger mark the sign of nail art. Source

7. Silver Glitter Nail Design

7 Nail Art Design

Silver base as a Nail polish on your nails help you match with your clothes in daily wear, Apply the glitter nail polish on your ring finger to give your nails party look. Source

8. Glitter Gradient on Nude Nail Polish

8 Nail Art Design

Girls are more worried about their beautiful nails, every girl rock out solid silver glitter nail designs with a silver topcoat that contains a vicious amount of shimmer. Source

9. Sky Blue and Silver Glitters Nail Art Design

9 Nail Art Design

Glamorous sky blue nail base gives offbeat nails beautiful appearances, this look fulfils only with silver glitter on the top edge. Source

10. Baby Pink and Gilded Glitters Nail Design

10 Nail Art Design

This screaming shimmer on fingers give you a feminine look, baby pink color enhance gold glitter on your beautiful nails. Source

11. Royal Blue and Silver Stripe Nail Art Design  

11 Nail Art Design

Every girl loves to have matte and glossy navy color base on nails for a party look. Adding silver plain stripes remember you can take help of striper brush to make same Nail Art. Source

12. Pop of silver Glitter with Nude Nail Polish

12 Nail Art Design

Matte off the grey polish background with silver glitter on small finger gives a more glamorous look to your hands. Source

13.  Zig Zag Silver Glitter on Black Nail Polish

13 Nail Art Design

Paint all the nails with black base and Cut tape in Zig – Zag sticks it to your nails add the silver coat to it. After removing tape you will get the same design on your nails. Source

14. Dripping with Silver Glittery Nail Art Design  

14 Nail Art Design

Matte nude Nail polish as a base on nails with glitter shine, change the theme of nails. This is a perfect match for all outfits. Source

15. Side Moon Mix Blue Green Glitter Nail Art Design  

15 Nail Art Design

Pretty half glitter nail designs with green Disney color looking outstanding with a black base coat. Whole-Party look! Source

16. Glitter Gradient with Light Base Nail Polish

16 Nail Art Design

This Mint nail paint base with heavy silver glitter on it give you the glam look for your outing! Source

17. Neon Glittery Tree Nail Art Design

17 Nail Art Design

Black base and multi glitter on top add more beauty to your nails with pretty and clean looking french. Source

18. Simmer Silver Glitter on Ring Finger

18 Nail Art Design

Classic looking pink and silver glitter nails which are highlighted with silver glitter polish on ring fingers, to give more elegant look by adding stones on each finger. Source

19. Side Manicure With Silver Glitter Nail Art Design

19 Nail Art Design

Before digging into glitters apply white base on your nails than art your nails with side moon nail art design. Source

20. Simmer Golden Glitter Nail Art Design

20 Nail Art Design

Black nail paint base completes the beauty of nails and also adding golden sparkle on the ring finger. Source

21. Smart Golden Glitter With Nude Nail Polish

21 Nail Art Design

Double shades nail polish on fingers keep the nail art simple and beautiful for any occasion or party. Source

22.  Hot Red with Silver Glitter on Ring Finger 

22 Nail Art Design

This hot glitter nail designs which help you change up your nails in a few minutes with the hot red and cool silver nail paint. Source

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