I personally say that freehand nail art designs can make you a professional nail artist. We always focus on tools, stickers and stamping nail art ideas. Today here you will learn some nail art hacks!

This nail art collection consists of some most beautiful colors and perfect for beginner users. In this nail art design, you will use two different polishes from your collection. I like the end effect and hope you will like this easy nail art designs by hand.

Let’s take a look at steps which you will help you to make same nail art design on your nails.  

Things you will require.

  • Base coat and  Topcoat.
  • Nail Remover.
  • Cotton pads or buds.
  • Nail filer or buffer
  • Two Nail Color Pink and Blue
  • Nail Art Brush.
  • Nail Art Tray.

Step 1 Pink Patch

Before starting with this simple nail art designs make sure you clean your nails and then begin with nail base. Here I have used the most common nail polish colors that are pink and blue. Two methods that can help you create this design are scotch tape or directly use the nail polish brush.

For more straight line you can paste tape in the centre and apply pink nail polish on one side. If you are an expert then you can directly make use of your nail polish brush. Apply half small strike on nails as it will look like a small square box.

Step 2 Blue Patch

Now pick your second color, As here I have picked the blue nail paint for my second patch. You can use nail art tape or directly make use of nail polish brush for making this small rectangle on another half of nail.

Remember both the patches of freehand nail art will be not of equal size. The first patch should be in a square and then another will be in a rectangle.

Step 3 Black outline

freehand nail art

Pink and blue contrast is stunning but let’s make it more interesting by adding a black outline. For outline use striper brush to get the straight lines and extend it like a criss-cross. Clean your brush on every single outline. 

Step 4 Top Coat The Freehand Nail Art

freehand nail art

If you want the more elegant appearance of freehand nail art than clean the extra nail polish patches from cuticles with the help of remover. For finishing, look add a top coat to your final design which will help you keep it for a long time period.


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