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Now you don’t have to wait for more beautiful Summer Nail Designs! If you are new to nail art that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY at home. This stylish and easy Nail designs 2018 will rock and prompt you to get the same nail design on your nails with perfect clean cuticles.

Learn some hacks before proceeding towards nail  designs:

  • You can apply glue gel on your cuticles to avoid extra touch nail paint on the cuticle.
  • Paint your first layer with a clear base coat to avoid yellow spot after removing nail polish.
  • You can magnify your nail paint colour by applying white nail polish as a base.
  • For more thin outlines or stripes you can make the best use of finished eyeliner brush.
  • Always seal your nail art with the clear top coat.    

Scroll down, see stunning favourite easy Nail Designs, no hustle only pro!

1. Feel The Rainbow

nail art design

Check out this sparkle rainbow ombre nail art design which is very much appropriate for middle school girls and other would love it too! This looks hard to make but its just the matter of blending multiple colours on nails. Spong is the best source to give a beautiful texture. @Stephstonenails

2. Make French Geometry

nail designs

Pick any two colours which you love the most, here we choose a bold colour for graphics design. Make use of stripping roll tape for the straight lines as shown in the image. Firstly complete your tips with white nail polish and then make side geometric triangles. @Paintboxnails

3. Water Waves In Matt

Used very flimsy nail polish which would look awesome for diagonal curvy waves! For this, you will only need a thin striper brush to make this beautiful curve in perfect alignment. You can give multiple layers one after one but here we have given two wave layers. @Nailinghollywood

4. Orange Pop

This nail colour looks neater than any accent time nails. Every woman loves this neon combo with beautiful small strips on the ring finger. Do you want the same orange pop on your nail? Summers are going to be extra vibrant when made this same art with the help of striper brush. @Chelseaqueen

5. Summer Glitter Gradient

Thinking to get a sparkle on nails? Ohhh yehhh… this design is flawless for all women who are crazy for top glitters. You can create the same look by choosing almost the same nail polish shades, this can be more eye-catching art on nails. Then go for larger glitter as a top coat. @Chelseaqueen

6. Chic Red Tips

I believe that nails similar this are a great choice for a party, prom and wedding days. All you need is the baby pink shade for a base coat and hot red nail polish to cover your nail tips. To give the extra perfect look you can outline the partition between two nail polish shades. @Paintboxnails

7. Cloudy Nails

This nail art is theme based, heart balloon flying in the cloudy sky! Mostly loved by all because adorable nail art doesn’t exactly fly after a certain time period. This magical look is simply done with the help of doting tool if you don’t have one you can use a bobby pin. @Natalikovalchuk4664

8. Pastel Stone Colors

Here we have not picked darker colour shades, three colours have been chosen to cover nails with marbles shape design. For more stylish look you can pick any two fingernails to meet this marble design. Let’s make it more enhancing by outlining the marbles with black colour also add small white colour dots in it. @Natalikovalchuk4664

9. Instant Festive Nails

Pink base with multiple polkas complements each other beautifully. Let’s check out the steps to create the same design for your nails, firstly apply the plain pink colour polish on each nail. Now drop the polish on the nail with different sizes and colours as shown in the image. Take any sharp pointed tool to splash all the polka from centre to outward from one point. @Theillustratednail

10. Cool Summer Check Print

This simple nail art made with easy steps, in short, you can collect striping roll tape and contrasting blue colour nail polishes. Apply white base on all fingernails once it gets dry stick the tape firstly in the vertical direction than in horizontal. Now with the help of sponge make this two blue colour gradients. @Misspopnails

11. Keep Clean Floral

Excited to make this floral print on nails! All we need is matte and glitter nail polish to catch everyone’s attention. Go for any light colour base nail polish so that flowers get more highlighted. Make use of polka tool for flowers and striper brush for leaves, now seal your art with the glittery top coat. @Heynicenails

12. Animal Print

This nail designs has used different colours for floral print. Here Matte jesty peach is the very pretty base for leopard print design. Keep other nails plain with a matte texture, you can try different shades but avoid single colour. Let’s make it interesting by adding rhinestones on black base polish. @Justagirlandhernails

13. Play with Polish Shades

You can use any colour nail polish but make sure you use pastel light colour nail polish so that design pop more perfectly. Let’s use nail art striper tape for this sharp edges, start with a simple base coat then paste the tape and fill the required space with black nail polish. @Nail_unistella

14. Love of Grammar Signs

Transparent is a soft, chic and elegant base coat for grammar signs. The best part is you can make this nail art within 5 to 10 minutes with the help of a dotting tool or stamping tools. It does stand out on its own with this accent nail! @Nails_mastered

15. Blue Nail Bonus

Yes, this next nail design is for you to jump for any contrasting nail polish shades, here I have to pick a blue tone to resemble the dress. These nails are of very natural and suits the best on oval shape nails. Here you don’t need any nail art tool! @Nails_mastered

16. Fabulous Box

This nail art could be designed with similar colours, try the same art on long nails or shorter nails as this is all over trendy look for both types of nails. Stat with white nail polish base than with the help of striper brush make vertical and horizontal check. Filling the checkbox with multicolour polish give natural look. @Nails_mastered

17. Eye-Catching Contrast

This nail art is possible to create at home with just two contrasting nail polish. Make sure that base color should be darker than top color but the thing is colors should match. Now pick your striper brush which has a thick stroke so that you can make thick lines in T-shape. @Evelynlnails

18. Golden Glitter Patch

Most Stylish and elegant look ever in nail art designs! Let’s see how this art can help you when you need some instant nail designs easy. To make this you will require striper tape roll and two contrasting nail paints. When you are done with red nail polish base than adjust the tape in V-shape, now fill the upper part with glittery golden polish. @Evelynlnails

19. Pure White Mani

Are you in love with White mani? Then it’s time to try this gorgeous and manageable nail designs for summer with a golden outline. I think a white color choice is best for summer glam, use your free hand to make straight tip patch with direct nail polish brush. To cover your unwanted nail polish use golden strip on top of your mani. @Essie

20. Gold Shimmer Natural

Next up we have the cute golden patch with a metallic look. I believe the lighter color is a pretty choice for your party nails and this elegant look with metallic shades are on top. Apply light base on all your nails than sticking some golden patches on nail base and seal it with top coat.@Nailsby.elissa

21. Polka Your Best Friend

Give your Polka Dot nail art and elegant makeover by using polka tool! Better to have it more clean and beautiful by just using single colour nail polish. To do it more enjoyable you can add small polka with large polka. @Nailsby.elissa

22. More Extension Love

Yes, this extensions of nail art can instantly change your usual designs. Best of all this is a mixture of trendy designs by using beautiful nail extension. This nail art includes all sponge gradient, extensions, dotting tool, stamping tool and different colour of nail paints. @Nailsmagazine

23. Blending Shades

nail designs

Nail designs for short nails like this would be perfect for every occasion like a night out, wedding day, cocktail party or free time practice etc. It is very simple to create with three different strokes of nail polishes. Once you apply the stroke in vertical direction blend it slightly with the help of a brush. @Nailsbymurielmonique

24. Enjoy Yolk Nails

Nails with food design is really easy to come up and it’s actually very similar to make the same art on your nails. To get this look, all you have to do is collect your three colour nail polishes like dark blue, white and yellow for yolk of the egg. Place the darker colour down as a base and draw other with help of tools. @Nailsbymurielmonique

25. Pastel Glitter Animal Foot

Most of the time women want to wear some classic Nail Designs with some natural shades. So let’s prepare your nails and start with different colour multi-stroke, gradually apply multi colour stroke on nails and then dab some gold foil. To make it more attractive give animal footprints with black shade. @Amykinsnailart

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