This is a time to unfold 15 simple polka dot Easy Flower Nail Designs for all beginners and learners of 2018. It will say a lot about your style and beauty on nails as these designs will catch attention from people.

Today this tutorial will help you to choose color contrast for your nail art as well as get to know the techniques of Nail Art. Learn different styles with different colors without spending hours in the salon every time.  

1. Gorgeous Pink Blossom Nails


The light brown base of nail paint is purposely chosen as this help brighter colors to blossom more perfectly. Adding white Polka in it give Nail Art enhanced look! Most Beautiful thing is that Pink And White color Nail Paint is always available at home. Source 

2. Glossy Blue Background and White Flowers

easy flower nail designs

Dark and Light Base Nail Polish gives terrible themed to Nail Art. Apply your favourite base and add some polka design on it this will give you an attractive look. Adding Stone to your Nail Art magnify the design.  Source 

3. White Flower with Red Polka Nail Art Design

3 nailart

These easy flower nail designs are bold and beautiful for girls. Perfect combination with light and dark shades of nail polish, this certainly looks good for casual parties. Give your dark base on nails add polka flower with red center polka for highlights. Source 

4. Cool Multi Color Flower Design


Trendy and colorful Nail Art will go with multiple outfits from casual to modern dresses. Choose any color nail polish and apply a base of it on your nails. With the help of a dotting tool add colorful flowers which can be a true eye-catcher. Source

5. Black and White Polka Flower Nail Art

5 nailart

Apply Black base to your nails and then add some white color dots at random positions with this give contrasting white and yellow flower polka to your dark base nail polish. This looks good thus making it very simple Nail Art design. Source 

6. Red Themed Flower Nail Art Design

6 nailart

Bright designs with the perfect combination of Nail Art design lights up the romantic mood. Combination of the flower with polka on nails not only five glamour look but reminds you of your first romantic date with your love. Source

7. Gold Shimmer Nails with White Flower

7 nailart

Learn how to paint flowers on nails step by step with shimmer gold and white polka flowers on nails. When added white polka with a golden stone in center emphasize the polka dots Nail Art design. To give it more party look add golden shimmer on your ring finger. Source

8. White and Red Polka Nails

8 nailart

Red Polka Flower is so classy for casual outfit dresses. This simple Nail Art focuses on color shades and combination on both Polka and polka flowers. It is not compulsory to choose same color nail art design but can be made with varieties of different colors. Source

9. Glossy Yellow Flower Nail Art Design

9 nailart

Ages from teens to Twenties can go for this light Polka Flower Nail Art design as this is a simple and classy design for daily routine nails. Yellow color base with multi-color polka flowers best suite for it.  source

10. Blue Polka Design

easy flower nail designs

Style your Nails with most trendy easy flower nail designs, this is the simplest polka flower and used same tone nail polish color for Nail Art design. Use your Polka tool to get the same design on your nails. Source

11. Yellow Green Flower Design

11 nailart

Go with this same Nail Art design is easy but getting the same color Nail Polish is difficult. So choose your own colors for this same Nail Art design which will give you more awesome looks. Source

12. Grey Base with Black Brown Polka Design

12 nailart

This all most look good for every event as this light color nail art is the first choice for working women. You can style your nails with the light color combination as shown above. Source

13. Multi-Pastel Flower Nail Art

easy flower nail designs

This is best Nail Art design for summers, take the white base and add any pastel color flowers on it.  This is as simple as polka dot Nail Art design to make, it takes only 15 min to make this beautiful art on your nails. Source

14. Glitter Multicolour Flowers on White Base

14 nailart

Fit for all the dresses in your wardrobe, apply white base to highlight some red and blue polka flowers on it. This flower nail designs for beginners are perfect for a party look, you can add some glitter to whole nails on top of Flowers. Source 

15. Black and White Polka Flower Design

15 nailart

This beautiful Polka Flower manicure is all time new for every outfit present in your wardrobe. Keep the base dark so that polka design highlight on your tips of nails. Keep the easy flower nail designs white and choose centre dot of your favourite color. Source 

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