Do you really want to try craft ideas in your small age?

Great so let’s begin with some interesting craft ideas, which will guide you through each step. If you are a student and have an interest in craftwork than this is the right place to explore more.

Spare some hours from your busy weekend so that you can enhance your skills to good use when you think of a business.  

Here is a top 23 craft ideas to make and sell it!

1. Book Page Holder

2. Ice Cream Stick Craft Ideas

3. Balloon Plus Tread Craft 

craft ideas

4. Safety Pin Hand Bracelet

5. Stationary Stand DIY

6. Ice Cream Stick Book Cover

7. Glue Cap Pendrive Cover

8. Coin Flask DIY

9. Wool Pom Pom Crazy

craft ideas

10. Glass Lamp Chain

11. Phone Stand DIY

12. Ice Cream Stick Coffee Coaster

13. Thread Work Bangles

14. Pom Pom Keychain

craft ideas

15. Roller Pen Stand

16. Steal Candle Lamp

17. Sticks Craft

18. Though out of waste Bottle Pen Stand 

craft ideas

19. Rough Cloth Pocket Stand

20. Beads Jewellery

21. Pretty Little Tassel DIY

22. Bottle Phone Stand

craft ideas


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