DIY home decor for mehndi ceremony is the essential bit of wedding gathering, to explore all fun-loving movements with a lot of colors. Don’t miss doing DIY to make your ceremony more entertaining.

Every Girl dream to have a perfect wedding shoot! I assure you that this Decor idea will help you to get the perfect shoot for your special Mehndi ceremony?

There can be different methods to decor your surroundings with the help of prompts, Flowers, Colorful Dupatta, Frames, Thread work, Puppets, Mehandi Cone, Bangles etc.

To make your DIY home decor Mehndi ceremony more vibrant, decor the entrance more highlighted as well as shiny. Here are Top 25 Ideas for your wedding Mehndi Ceremony, Keep tuned and enjoy!

1. Umbrella Decor  

DIY home decor

2. Green Dupatta Decor

3. Thread Decor

4. Natural Leafs Decor

5. Colorful Decor

6. Return Gift Bags Decor

DIY home decor

7. Bucket Decor

8. Mehndi Green Color Decor

9. Dancing Puppet Decor

10. Yellow Orange Flower Decor

DIY home decor

11. Frame Decor

12. Wall Decor

13. Bangle Decor

14. Mehndi Cone Decor

15. Home Front Decor

DIY home decor

16. Tree Decor

17. Wooden Decor

18. Bangle Basket Decor

19. Dupatta Swing Decor

20. Thali Decor

21. Paper Fan Decor

22. Orange Sofa Decor

23. Matka Decor

24. Bright Fluorescent Dupatta Decor

25. Weal Decor

DIY home decor

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