I am wondering if this article can help you doing cute manicure polka dot and stripe nail art together!

Creating some cute designs on your nails is not so difficult. You just need to prepare your mind especially when you are a newbie to nail art. Today this nail art steps will pull you off to create the same design step by step.

This classic polka and strips design will be used very smartly. I promise you if you learned how to use polka tool and striper brush then your options will be endless. Now it’s time to challenge yourself for this cute manicure design.

1. Striper And Polka Dot Tools

I think these two tools are best friends forever! Striper brush- it is used to create a long line,  to give curving effects and used best for freehand designs. Dotting tool- It is best used for any size polks for a cute manicure that can be small, medium, large or extra-large.

2. Nail Polish Collections

As you can see in the image we have selected four main colors for the nail art design. I am in love with the Electropop orange and Frisky blue shades! Dusky skin and Black are prefects for the base color. Here I will use Base and a top coat of @camino brand.

3. Apply Skin Color Nail Polish

cute manicure

Before applying your base nail art color, it is essential to use a base coat to protect your nails from stain and dark patches. Once the base coat gets dry proceed with applying the skin nail polish.

When you will apply a base of nail art remove the excess polish from your brush and then smoothly apply it without touching the cuticle. Swipe the brush along the left of a nail and same for the right side. To even out the nail polish shade apply multiple light strokes if needed.

4. Tips French Cute Manicure

Ready to go for this manicure? So here we will use the striper brush to create this straight colorful strips for manicure design. You can outline the tips with brush and then fill the empty lower space with a nail polish brush.

To keep the nail art design more attractive, use two contrasting colors in an alternative way. Here I have used Electropop orange and Frisky blue for my nail tips.

5. Up – Down Stripes

Here we will use two main things like black nail polish and striper brush in a very tricky way. Let’s see how to make this beautiful curvy stripes. When you will dip your brush in black polish make sure on to dip brush very deep.

Take your brush from the corner of cuticle towards the centre. The first curve will be in a downward direction which will start from the right corner and another stripe will be the upward direction which will start from lift corner.

6. Black Colour Polka Dots

cute manicure

Make your polka tool available, here we will need two size polka one small and medium-size polka tool. Use small polka on the tips and large polka above the tips. Apply 2-3 random polka on tips and single large polka dot above the tips.

7. Multi-Colour Small Polks

cute manicure

This step is to be done very carefully, let’s see how? Dip your small size polka tool into orange shade nail polish, remember to pick the color in a little amount so that it can get fit on black polka dot. Here I have used Orange and yellow shade nail paint for a bubbly polka dot.

To keep your nail art last longer it good to cover it with top coat. This will prevent from chipping and add shine to nails. For instant dry, I have used Camino nail top.

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