Do you wonder to have flawless ponytail hairstyles for a various occasion?

And then start a search for beautiful hairstyles on google with step by step guide which can really change your look and vibe. But what when you are getting late for your college or job? I think that is the most important time to cover good hairstyle in a short time.  

To overcome this problem we have some new ponytail hairstyles which will be easy to make step by step, don’t hesitate to try it on your own hairs. Twist ponytail hairstyles are perfect to groom yourself and you can run out with this chic look.

Here are some easy handy ponytail ideas which will work best for short as well as long hair. Follow the steps to get the same look.

HairStyle 1

This is a “half do hairstyle” in which you twist your front hairs and then take the twisted hairs backwards and tie it with a rubber band. You can keep your hair loose or collect and tie all your hairs in a ponytail hairstyles.

HairStyle 2

ponytail hairstyles

A messy twisted hair role, I love it! To go for the same hairstyle you can follow this step guide a shown in the image. Take one by one hair stroke and twisted it inside and then tie it in the middle. With the help of comb pull out the twisted roles slightly outwards to give a breezy look.

HairStyle 3

Most common hairstyle when you are dressing up for your office is Ponytail. What can be the first move, do two partitions from the front then start rolling your hairs backwards now tie it from the centre?  Collect all your hairs and start making french ponytail you will get the exact style as shown in the image.

HairStyle 4

Side flip ponytail will save your lot of time only if you have short hairs. Let’s make it simple for you to just follow these steps. Comb your hair backside and tie it with the elastic rubber band, with the help of fingers lose your ponytail and then poke a small hole from the centre, now twisted ponytail hairstyles inside twice.

HairStyle 5

Firstly comb your hair straight, pick one side section behind and pin it in the straight line in the centre as shown in an image, slightly twist the hairs inward then wrap the hairs with the help of other side hairs volumes. While rolling keep the ponytail tight.

HairStyle 6

“Happy flip twisted ponytail” give you a glam look. Take out flicks from both side, roll it till you feel it tight than tie the role flicks with the help of rubber band. Follow this step two to three times with the same style. Now little lose your ponytail to give messy look.

HairStyle 7

ponytail hairstyles

Here are a five-steps which you need to follow to get a ponytail hairstyle, most importantly where you don’t need any pins. Let’s start with the first step pick small volume hairs from both sides roll it inside then tie it with your rubber band. Do this same thrice then put each layer into each other like the second layer in first and third into second and so on.

HairStyle 8

This hairstyle looks good on heavy volume hairs but you can go for short hairs as well. Let’s move towards steps firstly divide your hair volume into three parts, tie your front layer with a rubber band. Then twist your second layer on the first knot, keep on doing the same for other layer and then tie a knot.

HairStyle 9

This Ponytail hairstyles is the manageable and less time consuming, comb your hair suitably then make a simple ponytail. Lose your rubber band and make a partition between ponytail then twist or pass the hairs from it. Roll it twice so that puffy layer is formed from outside.

HairStyle 10

ponytail hairstyles

Best quality in midi hairstyle, you can use hair extensions. Take two flicks from the front and divide it into two, start making midis from left and right side. Tie your whole hair like ponytail make sure to keep your rubber lose so that you can role ponytail inwards.

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