Criss-Cross nail art design looks perfect once done on your nails.

Get ready to try nail art which lasts forever! Stay away from old trendy nail polish such as using neon colours and moss green etc. The vibrant tones can mess your nail design, use mix and match colors.

Here you will see white stripes over a black base that will inspire you to come up with the same design on nails.

Items you will need.

  • Base Coat and Top Coat.
  • Black and White Nail Polish
  • Striper Brush
  • Nail Art Tray

1. Black Nail Polish Base

Firstly you have to clean your old nail polish, then dip nails into the lemon water and dry your nails properly. Now leave your nails for few seconds, then apply a single base coat of transparent nail polish.

Let’s move ahead by applying a black base coat as shown in an image.

2. White Criss Cross Lines

cross nail art

For holding your nail art more contrasting choose white nail paint for strips is good to go. Take a few drops of white colour nail paint into nail art plate than dipping your striper brush. Make straight white colour criss-cross lines on your black base.

This process is done by free hands! Start with vertical lines, number of lines you can make it all depends upon your nail size. Now draw horizontal lines above vertical lines.

3. Top Coat On Criss-Cross Nail Art

cross nail art

Now apply a coat of clear polish on complete nail art as shown in the picture above. This will protect your nail art for a long time period and give you a clean look of Cross Nail Art.


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