Did this happen to you also when scrolling favourite bubble nail art design you get indulge into more exotic nail art?

After so many ideas I determined to come up with some funny and casual nail art like colourful bubble nails which is all best for summer match. I first intended to barely give simple dots but another variation which would totally change the look is bubbles on nails.

Here you will see the polka dot with different size, direction and colours. For more alike look you need to give a splash like water along with bubble shapes which are somehow similar to polka dot nail art designs.

If you are in confusion that nail art will look good or not! The first image that would come to your mind are transparent or colourful bubbles? But in this detailed tutorial you are gonna learn how to make colourful bubble nails with simple doting tools.     

Things You Will Need For Bubble Nail Art 

  • Basecoat and topcoat.
  • Cotton pads or buds.
  • Nail art brush.
  • Dotter nail art toll.
  • Nail art plate.

Nail Paint Colours

  1. Snow white colour polish.
  2. Baby pink colour polish.
  3. Light green colour polish.
  4. Carrot orange colour polish.
  5. Mellow yellow colour polish.
  6. Sky blue colour polish.

1. Multi-colour Nail Polish Base 

bubble nail art

Your first step is to apply the base coat of transparent nail paint because it protects your nails from yellow stain. Here I have chosen five different nail polish colour and then applied it one by one to my nails.

If you are lacking with this neon colours you don’t need to worry you can select any three main colours one is for base another for first polka and last colour for double polka.

You must be sure of drying your nail polish base completely before proceeding to the next step.

2. White Colour Polka Dots

In our next nail art step, white polka will be a major concern.  Using polka tool can be a great challenge for you people if not an expert! No need to bother here I will guide you with full strategy step by step… follow this steps.

Drop a few volumes of white nail polish into your nail art platter, dip the tip of polka tool into white polish then apply each polka according to the size of your nails. Remember to clean your polka dot tip when applied  2-3 polka on nails this is because polish become thick and you will get messy dots instead of clean and same size polka.

Try to keep some space between every polka you apply as shown in an image.

3. Small Multi-Colour Polkas 

bubble nail art

Yehhh… It’s time to play with bubbles, let’s see how, here you will notice the difference between small and large polka tool, as previously we used larger polka tool now for more enhance look we will choose smaller polka tool to get beautiful bubble design on nails.

For more contrasting look pick same colour polish as your nail first base coat. Now place same base colour polka on white polka spot, see five variations that all have a unique feel to them!

4. Top Coat

bubble nail art

Finish with a clear topcoat. This will not only strengthen your nails but ease you keep nail art design for the longest time. Seek the entire fab finished the look of summer bubble nail art design!

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