Are you upset about not having cloud nail art tools at home?  

I think it doesn’t matter to have fancy tools because experimenting with converted tools is more exciting. Let’s see how you can make use of the homemade dotting tool.

Take it as a fun task and also learn how to combine different nail paint shades with an appropriate kickstart. This weekend will start with easy nail art hacks with cloud nail art design!

1. Detailing Brush and Doting Tool

Let’s understand the basic tool for this nail art design. Most common tool and widely used during nail art is polka tool.

If you think a tool is not affordable for you guys than there are many alternatives to go with like: you can use hair booby pin tips, use paintbrush backside tip for larger dots and unusable ball pen point for small polkas.

Here detailing brush is used to fill the gaps in nail art designs if necessary. This is the best tool to give a complete look to your nail art.

2. Black Nail Colour Base

cloud nail art

We will keep our cloud nail art base darker in color because it will help our design to come out more appropriately. The best trick is to avoid messy touch on cuticles while applying your first stroke, push your cuticle backwards.

Now another way is when opening your nail polish try to keep the liquid quantity little so that it goes smoothly straight downward direction. For the second stroke keep the nail polish quantity little higher than before this will cover all patch which is making base distracted.

3. Cloud Nail Art Dots

To give cloud look we need to explore the polka tool, so get ready with your nail polish tray which will help you to be more sorted. Open the grey nail polish and drop some quantity of polish to that tray.

Now pick your polka tool with the appropriate size, which can vary from nail length. Dip your polka tool into the grey polish and slowly give the outer layer of cloud design. The best thing is it needs no accuracy you just need to take care of cleaning tip of polka tool on every patch.

4. Use Detailed Brush for Gaps

cloud nail art

Yehh… it’s almost done with cloud nail art after filling the gaps! Moreover, be conscious to give a natural cloudy look and this is only possible when you are not overprotected. I think it sounds good because you can use your detailed brush to fill gaps like natural clouds and least bother about accuracy.

5. White Colour Zig-Zag Stripes

cloud nail art

Adding thunder to the cloud will be more interesting! For this, you will need white color polish and also striper brush which will cover clouds with white thunder lines. Dip your striper brush into white polish and make this zig-zag lines over the cloud.

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