Does this fall before when you tried something new and get failed in the first attempt? If yes, then I must say not to get disheartened as efforts never get scrap. Here I will advise you with elegant bow nails designs.

If you have good essence nail paints at home than you can complete the same nail art design in 10 minutes. Note never start your nail art if your nails and cuticle are not clean. Always provide weekly treatment to your nails than you are good to go with bows!

Start Gathering

  • Scotch tape
  • Rhinestone
  • Striper Nail Art Brush
  • Nail Paints
  • Base coat and top coat.

1 Pink Base

Ready to go with your first step! Ok then let’s make it simple for you. Now take your nail polish brush in the middle of your nail come with a single stroke downwards then left and then right nicely. Try not to touch brush with cuticles or push your cuticles back before applying nail paint.

This suggestion will help you go smoothly when you will apply nail paint. Here you can choose nail paint of your choice. Also, add the base coat and allow your bow nails designs to dry completely.

2 Add Broad Green Stripes

bow design on nails

Once the pink nail polish base gets dry now apply two pieces of scotch tape in the midst of your bow nail art step by step. You will see a gap between the tape, make sure to press it properly from the edges. Now apply green nail polish into the empty space or you can apply your own chosen color.  

Remove the tape with the help of tweezer and you will see the straight line without any mess in lines.

3 Black Outline To Bow Nails Designs

bow nails designs

For more elegant bow nails designs appearance lets outline the green stripe with black stripes, make sure your previous nail design is dry properly. Here you will use nail art striper brush, take a few drops of black polish in nail art plate. Now dip your brush into black nail polish and then take your brush smoothly from left edge to right edge.

When you will make Bow Nail Art Design remember to draw on the side of nails, not in the centre!

4 Add Rhinestone on Bow

 bow nails designs

Fill the centre of the triangle with a shining white bead to give a more finished look. And at last, don’t forget to add the top coat to seal the nail art which can stay for long lasting days. Now show off your nails with bows and rhinestones.

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