Do you need ideas for black gold polka nail art? 

Excellence and charm for nail design matter a lot for women, as this is a crucial part of styling themselves. Nail art has different styles and pattern for a wide range of occasions. This post will help you to create gorgeous black and golden contrast nail art design without any hues.

Take a look at the step by step tutorial.

Things to Remember when doing Nail Art

  1. Make sure to clean your nails with remover or hand wash, so that tinny dust or oil can be removed before apply nail paint base.
  2. Always Shape your nails in the right process. Remember to file nails in one single direction, starting from the outer edge towards the center.
  3. If you want your nails should shine after nail paint is applied then don’t forget to buff your nails for shiny and fresh looks of nails.
  4. It’s very important to give longer life to your nails, however, it’s only possible when you will protect your nails with the high-quality nourishing base coat.  
  5. For high opacity nail paint base always practice double or triple coat for your nail art.

Time to Follow Steps

1. Golden and Black Nail Paint Base

Start your nail art by applying nail paint base coat.

Before you choose your nail art base coat make sure black and gold nails designs should be in light and dark combination. So that polka dots can be highlighted with the darker nail polish color.

Here I have picked golden and black contrast. To make my nail art more attractive, I have applied nail paint in an alternative manner on my all hand fingers.

Now leave your hand for 5 minutes until your nail paint base gets dry!

2. Black Polka on Golden Base Polish

Let’s move towards doting art!

There are few things which you have to keep in mind while doing polka dot nail art.

Firstly choose a good quality nail polish that will help you get your perfect nail art design.

Nail polish should not be thick because sticky nail polish can destroy your black gold polka nail art. It also takes a lot of time to get settle down its thickness.

Now for black nail designs dotting, I have chosen black color nail paint. There are few new techniques for polka dot design.

I know every expert recommend to use polka dot tool but you have to not worry because I am going to tell you some alternative to polka dot tool.

You can use hairs bobby pin or top of pencil lead. Now you might be thinking of thickness?

It all depends on how well and amount of nail polish you pick on the tips of polka tool.

3. Final Black Gold Polka Nail Art

black gold polka nail art

Here I have used Nail Art striper brush to make straight parallel lines on my two fingers. Attempt to make thin lines you can also use your paintbrush for these stripes.

Use nail art tray and add a few drops into it, so that it can get easier for you to pick the nail polish color on your brush.

Swiz your cuticle from edges and take your stripper brush from right to left smoothly.  Presently you have to wait for complete drying up of black gold polka nail art.

To hold your nail art long lasting never forget to give up the last touch of top coat on your nail art design.

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