Today it’s time to Celebrate your own Birthday by giving some exciting gifts on your own nails. Let’s make this elegant Birthday Nail designs easy for you with the help of this step by step tutorial.

I hope this Steps will help you to enhance your normal nails appearance more attractive & beautiful. For beginners, it’s a very right tutorial to explore because you can create the same design with the help of pictures.

Equipment Involved Before Starting Nail Art

  • Black Nail Polish
  • Peach Nail Polish
  • Blue Nail Polish
  • Green Nail Polish
  • Pastel Yellow Nail Polish
  • Pastel Red Nail Polish
  • Liner Brush
  • Dooter Brush

How to Start?

1. Nail Paint Base

Birthday Nail

I started with the base coat on my nails that prevent yellow stain on my nail pallets. Leave it for 5 minutes so that base coat gets dry meanwhile you can jot down your nail polishes.

Now it’s time to give a beautiful colorful base for nail art design, let’s start with Matte Black and peach color nail polish for a base.

I applied Matte Black color nail paint on my nails except on my middle finger. For middle fingernail, I choose some light color to make nail art design more engaging.

2. Horizontal Stripes

Elegant Birthday Party Nail Art Design 2

To make Birthday Nails art more elegance, here I have drawn detailed horizontal stripes of Blue color with the help of liner Brush only on the middle fingernail.

Don’t get panic!

I know for a beginner its difficult to draw such straight lines. Here I would love to tell that you can use scotch tape to get such straight blue lines. Let me tell you guys how?

Cut the tape into multiple pieces and tapped it one by one on your nail, now apply blue nail paint over your middle fingernail. With the help of Tweezer remove tape one by one, you will see the same stripes as I drawn with the liner brush.   

3. Design “K” Alphabet

Elegant Birthday Party Nail Art Design 3

Selected pastel Red and Black nail paint color to highlight the design. Here I have used the liner brush to draw letter “K” on my middle fingernail.

Elegant Birthday Party Nail Art Design 7

Nothing to worry if you have never done nail art like this before I suggest you to practice it on a sheet of paper. This will help you get a better result when drawing on your own nails and also make sure to choose some pastel color to give a beautiful contrast.

4. Draw Candles

Birthday Nail designs

Now moving onto the ring finger, I selected pastel Red and Green color for drawing beautiful candles. To give proper shape I have used a stripe brush for the body of the candle, with the help of liner brush I have filled the uneven patches.

Now with the help of liner brush make the middle zoon with pastel black color, to give a complete look of candle make use of yellow pastel to draw flame.

5. Number “23”

Elegant Birthday Party Nail Art Design 9

I have made use of my pastel yellow and Red colour paint, to make Happy birthday nails more interesting.

Elegant Birthday Party Nail Art Design 5

Here I have made the best use of my thin pointed detailed brush to create this “23” digital number on my Birthday Nails.

6.  Balloons on Thumb & Small Finger 

birthday party balloon

Now all left is the balloons to make nail art more funky and stylish. You can make the balloon of any shape you like the most it can be round, oval or heart shape.

But here I have drawn round balloons. Firstly give a simple outline with the help of a dotting tool and then filled the empty space with the help of a detailed brush.

7. Final Birthday Nails

birthday nail design

For a complete birthday, nail designs look, I have used the liner brush to make a string of balloon in a zig-zag shape. Let’s seal the nail art design with the help of top coat as it will keep the design last longer.

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