Today this article will not only guide you how to make polka dot nail art but also correct you learn what are the necessary steps to start any nail art design. Every Girl wishes to have shiny nails, strong nail plates, Less brittle tips and no yellow stain etc.

Come let’s begin with some pre-nail art steps! 


  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Cotton Buds
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail buffing
  • Lemon
  • Lewek Warm Water
  • Base Coat
  • Black Nail Paint
  • Grey Nail Paint
  • Dotting Tool
  • Nail Art Tray

1. Remove Old Nail Paint

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 1

When using nail paint remover treasure to make use of non-acetone polish remover. As this will encourage remove old nail paint faster and easier, and also preserve from getting dry.

Take cotton buds and tear it into thin multiple layers. Pour nail paint remover on the cotton stripe and rub it gently into circular motion.

Alternate methods to remove your old nail paint, take a sponge fit into a jar and pour the remover into the sponge jar. Now dig your finger into the jar and twist it up and down or role in a circular motion.

This can be reused as numerous time you want to!

2. Gently Cut Extra Long Nails

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 2

Trimming nail is the most important part, as this will decide which nail art will suit your nail length. A single wrong cut can lead you to dwarf nails and then all fingernails have to be trim of the same sequence.

When you using the clipper for trimming, do trim your nails at an angle as every clipper blade doesn’t match your nail curves.

Everyone makes a common mistake while trimming that is clipping your nails straight can damage the nails. Protect nails from excess cutting, you can trim it twice or thrice across the top.

3. Shape Your Nails

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 3

If you have really long nails it’s better to trim it first than give individual shape to your nails. Never think if you have small nails you won’t able to file it because every shape and size of nails can be file and buffed easily.

Often when we file our nails there is evermore chance to damage your nail shape. Let’s prevent it by learning how to file your nails?

Keep the direction same while filing your nails, the direction could be one at a time that can be right or lift. Once you are done with Filing your nail from right edge prosed to the left edge of your nails.

4. Dip Nails in Lemon Water

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 4

Soaking up your nails into lemon water will strengthen your nails and protect from yellow patches on nail plate as we all know lemon is rich in Vitamin C

You can also add a few drops of olive oil this will help in nail growth and also limit harsh dryness.

Dip your nails for 5 to 10 minutes in this lukewarm Lime water.

5. Apply Base Coat

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 5

To prolong the life of your Nail Art you should always go with the nail base coat. To keep your nail polish chip free, try to use a good base coat as this will hinder you from yellowing of nails.

When removing our nail paint it mostly leaves stained patches often when applied dark nail polish. This also hides tiny particles if left on your nails while shaping your nails.

6.  Don’t Shake Nail Paint bottle

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 6

It’s time to find the solution? Roll your nail paint bottle between your hands, rather than shaking it, like a ketchup bottle.

Shaking can trap the air bubble inside your nail polish bottle which can build problem while painting your nails.

7. Thin Nail Paint Base

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 7

To apply flawless polka dot nail art, try to use good quality nail lacquer which can stay last longer and avoid chipping off. Here I have used teen Beauty nail polish because it does not stain nails too much.

Remember applying your first coat as a base it should be thin as nail paint will dry faster and than you can go for the second coat.

In the second coat, you can apply a thick base coat so that the transparency of nails can cover easily. This will support you come up with better nail art design.

8. Black Lines

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 8

With the help of stripper, brush draw this broad lines diagonally in any direction. The alternate method to draw these lines, you can make use of scotch tape for polka dot nail art.

9. Grey Polka Dots

Best Polka Dot Nail Art Idea 9

Polka tool is enough to make this perfect polka dot nail art. Add few drops of grey nail polish into the nail art tray and then dip the polka tool into that drops.

Gently draw the polka on black lines with leaving space in each polka.

10. Add Top Coat On Polka Dot Nail Art

polka dot nail art

This 15 minutes of art can help you show off anywhere. Now it’s time to apply a top coat as this will help you stay your nail art last longer with a shiny look.

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