Girls are very much selective about there makeup and dressing sense and they can do anything to make themselves look beautiful. Women’s love to know about beauty tips for girls and look to get the gorgeous look for their skin, makeup, hairs and lips. Learn some special beauty tips that you can follow. 

Beauty Tips On Skin

1. Cleansing

It’s necessary to clean your skin twice a day in summers and once a day in winters. When you go out of home, you come in contact with dust and dirt. This clogs your skin pores so it’s recommended to clean your skin with a mild cleanser in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Now rinse your skin with water!

2. Scrubbing

We all know our uppermost layer of skin is of dead cells to remove this we use a scrub. We should scrub our skin twice a week for at least 5 minutes. This process opens the clogged pores and removes all toxic bacteria from the skin. It is best if you use homemade scrub made of sugar or coffee beans.

3. Moisturize

Every beautiful skin needs care for that you need to keep your skin moisturized. When we apply any suitable moisturizer it helps your skin to remain hydrated and glowing. You can protect skin from UV rays by applying sunscreen lotion. Change in the weather can cause a lot of problems like dry skin, itching, dry patches. To avoid these conditions you need to moisturize your skin daily.

Beauty Tips On Makeup

1. Use Primer

Beauty tips for girls look at a very most first step in makeup which helps build an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Primer does the best job in smoothing skin surface which gives you even skin tone when makeup is applied. It also covers the pores and protects from fine lines.

2. Avoid Overdoing Foundation

Practising foundation in excess can be harmful to your skin. If you want to cover a small area then you can use your fingertips and if you want to cover a large area than make use of a foundation brush. We use foundation to cover acne or dark spots but there can be many side effects on acne. So you can use foundation in less quantity to avoid spreading of acne more actively.

3. Concealer on Focal Points

It can be a good tip for those who are in hurry or feeling lazy to start with the first step of makeup. You can apply concealer on focal points like under the eyes, corners of the mouth, around the nose and on the chin. Now you are ready to go!

4. Compact Function

A compact is used for settling makeup which protects the inner layer of foundation and concealer properly. You will find two types of the compact that can be loose or presses. Both have different purposes like loose powder which is translucent and set makeup for long-lasting. Pressed powder is used for touch-ups and gives you a glowing appearance.

5. Highlight with Blusher

The blusher is the end result of makeup, when you apply blusher it gives you a glowing natural appearance. Beauty tips for girls sponge your blusher with tissue paper this will help you remove excess of powder on cheeks. For touch up use beauty blender brush.

Beauty Tips For Girls On Hairs

beauty tips for girls

1. Clean Hairs Thrice a Week

Hairs are the reflection for women’s beauty! Every girl should take care of their hairs in a correct way. Best tip is not to wash your hairs daily after you wash hairs use a conditioner. Also, use oil before washing hairs this keeps your hair stronger and smoother. And avoid using hot water for washing hairs.

2. Use RIght Shampoo and Conditioner

Silky hairs are easy to handle but girls having dry hairs have to fix this problem. You can use mild shampoo for dry hairs because that will moisturize your hairs. A conditioner is very much important after cleaning your hairs with shampoo. You can avoid straightener on your dry hairs.

3. Hair Color

Beauty tips for girls highlight your hairs with color make you look a lot more beautiful. Choose the hair color according to your skin fairness and another key point is its maintenance. I know it is hard for girls to take care of colored hairs but here you will come to know some tips. To avoid external damage of hairs you can use mild shampoo such as Dove which keeps hair colors last longer.

Beauty Tips On Lips

beauty tips for girls

1. Don’t Use Lipstick on Chapped Lips

When your lips get dry it tends to become chapped due to which lipstick doesn’t stay for long. To overcome this problem you need to remove the dead skin with the help of the exfoliation process. Than apply Lip balm which hydrates your lips properly and helps allow your lipstick to stay for a longer time.

2. Avoid Peeling

There can be several reasons for cracked lips, avoid peeling your lips as it makes them dry. It can irritate your lips and sometimes it can be too painful. Peeling of lips can be prevented by applying lip balm at night which have ingredients like petroleum gel, mineral oil or dimethicone.

3. Keep Moisturize

Follow this tip as frequently as you can because it will avoid your lips getting dry. Before washing your face, you should apply lip balm. Also, use Almond oil which is rich in vitamin A & E and contain free radical fighter. This will rehydrate and moisturize your lip with a fantastic look.

4. Use Sugar Scrub

For more healthy lips you need to scrub your lips twice a week that will remove dead skin. Take sugar and honey mixture, use your fingertips for gentle scrubbing. When you wash your lips pat it with a towel and use your favourite lip balm. Sugar scrub should be your beauty routine!

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